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Birth Doula Services

What are the benefits of working with a doula?

Your birth experience is precious.  It is how your baby enters the world and can significantly affect your postpartum season.  A doula can help you have a safer, more comfortable, and satisfactory birth.

Research shows that doulas:

  • Increase involvement in making medical decisions

  • Increase likelihood of a satisfying birth experience 

  • Decrease the use of medications for pain relief 

  • Shorten labors 

  • Increase baby's APGAR score

  • Decrease the risk of Cesarean birth


What will your partner's role be while working with a doula?


Your partner's role will be a decision you two will make together. As your doula, it is my role to enhance your partner's participation in your labor in the way that is right for you. With my support, your partner will be free to provide you with as much support as you need, take videos and photos, or take some time to recharge.  I will be able to provide your partner with ideas of how to best support you through labor and postpartum, and thus provide them with some relief.

The care you will receive

Our first meeting will be a free consultation to see if we'll be a good fit for each other. 

During Pregnancy:

  • 2 prenatal appointments where we can discuss how I can best support your needs for your birth

  • Help creating a birth support plan you can feel confident about

  • Help setting up a postpartum plan

  • Unlimited communication before labor to answer questions and help you find the resources you need

  • Access to books available for loan

  • Information handouts

  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and birth preparation

Your care will include an option of several herbal remedies

to best support your wellbeing:

  • Nutritive pregnancy support tea

  • Belly butter salve

  • Postpartum support tea

  • Milk cessation support tea

  • Postpartum herbal sitz bath for perineal healing

  • Nipple salve


*You can choose to have them all, some, or none.

*Tea blends may be customized.​










  • Up to 2 postpartum visits

  • Support with newborn care

  • Help adjusting to your new family dynamic

  • Check in about mental health

  • Referrals for challenges with baby

  • Preparing a meal

  • Help with light chores

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Image by Rebekah Vos

Labor and Birth:

  • On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks
    until the birth of your baby

  • Early labor support at home

  • Continuous emotional and physical support

       at your birth location

  • Keeping the birth space calm

  • Pain management techniques

  • Advocacy for informed consent

  • Help with following your birth support plan 

  • Optional birth photos 

  • Up to 2 hours support after birth to help you

       find comfort and establish feeding

Sliding Scale Pricing

$800 - $1000

How do I know what to pay?

A sliding scale offers multiple price points with the intention of making a service more accessible and reducing the financial burden for people with different levels of income.

I invite you to use the "green bottle" graphic provided below to choose a price point based on your individual circumstances.  If you are able to pay more, know that you will be helping cover the costs for someone in your community who might not be able to.  I will never ask you about your payment choice, so be true to yourself here.

**If you are not able to pay the lowest fee listed, please contact me anyway

I am open to working with you and your needs, and open to bartering.  I truly believe that every person who wants a doula should have one.

Services for teens 18 years old and younger are free,

based on availability!

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